2021 Civic 50 – Prioritizing Investing in Strengthening our Community

This year’s list of The Civic 50 promotes National and Regional Companies that choose to make investing in strengthening our communities and civil society – giving, volunteering and voting – a priority. Receiving this award is not a vanity or popularity exercise; these companies are selected based on detailed data about their policy, practice, leadership, giving and employee engagement. This kind of information about which companies are freely choosing to spend resources to promote a community bottom line can be a powerful tool to help us drive a #socialimpact race to the top.

I encourage us all to use information like this when planning Business to Business or personal purchase decisions. Of course, there are so many local businesses who live these same priorities! Every year, we recognize local companies in our Be the Difference Awards and are blown away by the creativity and positivity of local companies, so follow the link for a list of awesome local companies from the past few years. You can always check out the websites and social media feeds of your favorite local nonprofits to see who is showing up for the community in our town as well. The point is that rewarding pro-social investments and behavior with increased business and loyalty at every level and sharing this information is a virtuous economic cycle that rewards #philanthropy and helps generous businesses compete with less generous businesses in their sector.  

Bravo to the members of the Civic 50 and all the local businesses who give, volunteer, donate products and find ways to make our community better. Let’s promote #corporatecitizenship.

If you are a local business person that wants to increase your community involvement, we’re here to help connect you to the causes that fit your mission.  Real connections change lives, create strong communities and help our businesses thrive. Connect with our Director of Community Engagement Trea Robinson at trea@scvolunteercenter.org to learn more about how we can help you leverage your generosity for the greater good in our community. 

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