A Special Safety Message to our Volunteers

Dear Amazing Volunteers,

Time and time again this year, our community needed help and you answered the call. Sometimes to stay at home and wait patiently, making masks, phoning seniors and raising funds online to keep our community whole through those early days of COVID. During the fires you showed up in record numbers to donate, staff shelters and feed people. Thanks to you we got disaster safety information to 22,000 local people and 50,000 shots in the arms our neighbors of at the Watsonville Mass vaccine center. And so many of you kept our core programs open. Words alone cannot express our gratitude for your kindness, commitment and courage.

I would love to say to say that we’ve put all this behind us, and the truth is we are at an inflection point in our collective efforts to #CancelCovid. We are committed to do our part to keep volunteers safe, and safely engaged in a way that keeps our community moving together to end this pandemic. We are proud to share with you that right now, 100% of our staff is fully vaccinated.

In support of new Governor’s Orders and Public Health Guidance, we are asking all people who want to continue to volunteer at one of our sites, or in a community setting with one of our programs where you will be interacting with people in person to be fully vaccinated as well. We understand that this is a personal decision, and that not everyone is able to be vaccinated, so we will continue to have remote volunteer opportunities, work from home projects, one day outdoor options and a host of referral information about places accepting volunteers without this requirement. This is not a decision we take lightly, and we are motivated exclusively by our desire to keep everyone safe and to bring the pandemic to an end.

I ask you to please read, sign and return our Vaccine Self Attestation Form to the program you volunteer with if you wish to continue volunteering in person, not from home, with any of our programs in the coming months. Your information will be strictly confidential.

If I can answer any questions for you about this new Safety Rule, please contact me at kd@scvolunteercenter.org or call me at (831)427-5070.
With gratitude for all you do and hope for a return to brighter days,

Karen Delaney, Executive Director

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