Grocery Shopping is Stressful!

Over the past few weeks we have learned a lot, but I have found that the challenge is implementing my newfound knowledge into my life! Going to the Grocery Store can cause so much stress. It is especially hard when in independent housing. Shopping on your own and bringing it all back to where you live on the bus is hard. I often find myself juggling multiple heavy bags. At the store often what is quick, easy, and inexpensive to make is not healthy. I bought Bagel Bites and was astonished when I read the nutritional information, but I was hungry and ended up eating them anyways… I learned in Group that stress, even grocery shopping stress can cause one to overeat and gain weight. This is something neither your or I want!

I am working on ways to manage the stress of shopping. I plan on listening to how I am feeling. If things are too much for me, I can always walk away. I plan my shopping list by groups such as putting all the fruits and vegetables in one place on the list so I am not walking circles in the store. I make sure that I buy only what I can comfortably carry and have invested in sturdy reusable bags. I also stick to my list, so that I do not buy unhealthy things (like Bagel Bites!). My quick, inexpensive, and healthy go to snack is fruit. I am currently working on identifying quick and healthy meal options that I will share with you in the future.

Knowing about health and wellness is not enough to be healthy and avoid chronic disease, you actually need to do the things that promote health and wellness in one’s life. Health is a journey and it is not an overnight one. It is ok to make mistakes as I have been, but you need learn from them and then get right back to your journey!

I wish you luck in your journey and remember if at first you do not succeed, try and try again!!

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