Protein, protein, and more protein

benefitsanddangersofproteinfindingtherightbalance2037-300x198We have been learning about protein. I am glad we have been learning about Protein because many of the quick and easy things I talked about last time lack protein. Not only are these things full of fat, but they don’t keep you full!! I learned that Protein helps the body to build muscle, strong bones, cartridge, skin, and hair. It also helps muscles recover from Stress and the body to fight infection. After a long trip to the grocery store we should be having protein to build up our muscles and help them recover. Muscle also burns fat, which is a good thing! Feeling sick or weak? Have some protein.

My favorite proteins are seeds, beans, and chicken breast. I also like low-fat part skim string cheese. This is the perfect snack! It is portable and provides a protein punch. What are your favorite proteins? Make a list of your proteins, and have some on hand that are easy to grab and go with! This will decrease the amount of junk that you eat. I promise you, increasing the amount of protein will help you look and feel better.

Until next time, have some protein!

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