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Make Your Moments Matter

We believe in the potential of moments that change lives. Together, our actions make our community a happier and stronger place to be. Hear from volunteers as they share how they make life matter.

Want to make your moments matter?

Human Race Super Heroes

Last year over 2,000 people stepped up to share their superpowers at the Human Race Walkathon and Fun Run. Together they raised over $240,000 for the local causes they care about.

Find out how to join us this year.

Building New Bridges

Together we can build bridges to new connections that change lives. Want to hear our 5 year plan for tackling community needs and transforming our community through volunteerism? 

Join us in taking action.

What’s Your Cause?

We are part of a diverse community that is united by a common resolve to reach out and lend a helping hand. Thousands of volunteers step forward each day in service to our community for the causes they care about. What's your cause?

Be the Difference

Every day individuals in Santa Cruz County step up to share their time and talents in service to others. Volunteers are the unsung heroes of our community. How can you be the difference in Santa Cruz County?

What’s Your Story?

You name it and there is a volunteer out there doing it. Everyday thousands of volunteers are taking action in Santa Cruz County and we want to celebrate the variety of ways they choose to give their time. What's your story? Share it with us.

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