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Our Philosophy

Community Connection incorporates all aspects of the Recovery Model into our services. The recovery model encompasses strengths-based and individualized program components, which help consumers identify potential sources of meaning in their lives as active members of the community. The foundation of the Recovery Model is the concept of person-centered program activities, versus illness-centered treatment.

Traditional mental health treatment has been focused on illness, with every intervention revolving around the diagnosis.

At Community Connection we do not focus on the diagnosis, and instead focus on the strengths of each individual who chooses to participate in our programs. By focusing on the individual and not the illness, recovery becomes possible. Based on these principles, individuals with mental health challenges are able to live better lives through self-discovery and meaningful activities that enhance wellness.

As part of the recovery model, Community Connection is committed to employing peer consumers to enhance the recovery of our participants. Peer support provides an opportunity for consumers who have embraced recovery to assist others in their recovery journey. Many of our programs incorporate peer staff or volunteer peer group leaders to model recovery, teach skills and offer support. We find that peers are essential in providing education, empowerment, and an understanding of ways to best navigate the mental health system.

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