Shelter in Place Services

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Shelter in Place Services

Despite our public health emergency and shelter in place mandate, we will to continue to provide services and connection in every way that is deemed safe. Your health and safety are our greatest priority. Below are the resources and program services we have available.


Learn What is Open

Virtual and In-person Programs Available

While we continue to manage health and safety due to the pandemic, we have a limited number of in-person sessions and a robust schedule of virtual sessions. Additionally, some of our programs are available to schedule individual appointments. Please view our schedules below for the latest.

CC Office @ Harvey West  |  Mariposa Wellness @ Carr St.  | Virtual & In-Person Group Schedule May 2021


Mental Health Community Food Distribution

Wed from 11 AM -1 PM @Community Connection Santa Cruz Site (300 Harvey West Blvd.)

While adhering to social distancing policies we will continue to provide pre-assembled bags of perishable and non-perishable items for those within the mental health community who are in need of food. Pick ups are weekly in our Santa Cruz site parking lot. Thanks to a special partnership with the SPCA we now also have dog and cat food available with food distribution. Food deliveries are also available upon request in both North and South County. Contact our support line or email for more information: (831) 205-0160 or


Mariposa Wellness Center

Monday- Friday from 9-5 PM @ 10 Carr St. Watsonville

Mariposa will provide phone and email services for Watsonville participants and can additionally provide daily meals and food distribution upon request. We are additionally scheduling some individual in-person appointments between 9-2 PM M-Fri.  Call to request.

Call (831)-205-0160 or email


Community Connection Program Information 

As we slowly phase into reopening of our offices we will continue  telecommunication to support participants. We can provide phone check-ins and face to face emergency services to those in need of food, access to healthcare, or having a psychiatric emergency.  We will update this page as we are able to renew the services listed in our brochures below.


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