Meet Alisha

Volunteer of the Month March 2015fo_vol_march15

Alisha has been a dedicated Main Jail visitor for 6 months. For her, she says the  best part about jail visiting is connecting people with their friends and family members and helping them maintain a relationship with their loved ones on the outside.

In her volunteer work, she has experienced assisting many clients who are so thankful for the work we do and express real appreciation of volunteers. For Alisha, her work in the jail translates into positive impacts on people’s lives.

Currently, Alisha is finishing her last semester of completing a Masters degree in Criminal Justice. Within the field, she is particularly interested in recidivism and the long-term impact of detention and incarceration on re-offending.

After graduation, she will be working for a pretrial diversion organization assisting with research, doing case management for clients, and Own Recognizance interviews.

Everyone here at Friends Outside is so happy for her new job and future – she will be missed!!

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