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Get Ready / Estén Listos 5 Steps

We have joined the California For All Movement in partnership with Listos California to help our community prepare for emergencies and disasters. With many of us still sheltering in place, it is a great time to create or update our emergency/disaster preparedness plans. Fire season is here and we can all help build a more resilient Santa Cruz County by preparing now.

Text LISTOSCA to 72345 to receive easy plans via text. In our 7 days of texts for our text class which will help you get prepared.

Another easy option Sign up online for the week-long text or What's App class.

Get Emergency Alerts

Santa Cruz County has free alerts sign up as your name or anonymous.

PG&E has text alerts as well and does not require an account to sign up to receive messages about planned outages, restoring service after a power outage and more.

Download this handy guide to receiving alerts.

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Make A Plan To Protect Your People

Think about who you want to connect with during an emergency. These may be family, neighbors, friends or caregivers. Who do you want to protect? Who wants to protect you? Write down their names and contact information. Include home, work, school and other numbers. Share copies with everyone on your list. You should also pick one person, outside the area where you live, who won’t be affected by your local disaster. You and your contacts might be able to check in as safe with that faraway relative or friend, and share where you are.

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Pack a bag with essential items

Pack Go-Kit

Most disasters are unexpected and happen fast. You might not have time to shop, or even to pack. Pack up important items now, so you and your family will have what you need later. Pack a Go Bag for when you have to leave home in a hurry. Pack things for each member of your household. Think about what you would take if you had 15 minutes of notice to leave your home.

Things to pack now include: copies of important documents (identification, marriage, birth certificates, photos of pets to prove they're yours), list of medications and allergies. Can you pack an extra outfit or 2 for everyone?

Things you will pack as you leave: medicines, phone charger, laptop with charger, portable radio, flashlight. Bring Pets in carriers and their food or medicines.

Listos Pack a Stay box for pets(2)

Make a Stay Box

Sometimes the safest option in a disaster is to stay at home. Damage from the distaster might make that uncomfortable. You might not have water to drink, bathe, or flush the toilet. You might have no electricity to keep your food cold, turn on the light or charge your cell phone.

Add items to a Stay Box for when you can't leave home. Prepare for at least 3 days without water, or electricity. Save up a little at a time, until you have enough for everyone in your household to get by. Remember any pets. If you own a flashlight or a portable radio, keep it someplace easy to find.

Save up to 3 gallons per person for drinking and washing. Set aside foods that won't spoil and require no cooking. Trash Bags are important with a bucket for a toilet if you have no other options.

Download a Stay Box List to Get You Started

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Help Friends and Neighbors

A key part of preparedness is helping friends and neighbors be prepared too. We want to make sure as MANY Santa Cruz residents are ready in case of a fire, earthquake or other natural disaster.

Ask your neighbors, friends and loved ones if they've made a plan. Download information or contact us to have materials mailed to them. We have free online classes and volunteers to call people and follow up on the phone.

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