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Get Ready / Estén Listos- COVID Resources

We have joined the California For All Movement in partnership with Listos California to help our community prepare for emergencies and disasters. We are currently in a public health crisis, and you may want more information about terms and how to stay safe during COVID-19.

For specific information about COVID-19 in Santa Cruz County, please visit the Santa Cruz County Health Department for information on testing and COVID-19 cases in the county.

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Public Health Emergencies

Santa Cruz County Residents are invited to join us for a free online class with tips to get prepared for an emergency. Find out what documents you should copy, how to make a go-bag and a stay-box as well as other useful Get-Ready tips.

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Extra Tips for Health Emergencies

We have additional information for the public, including meanings of public health words, tips for caregivers & people with physical and intellectual disabilities.

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Get Care if you are sick

Special Resources about Public Health Emergencies and COVID-19

Our goal is to ensure that ALL California residents get the care and support they need.

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