Rising Above Labels: Introducing Our Newest Blog

Last week we closed out Mental Health Awareness Month in partnership with our program Community Connection. Over the month we emphasized sharing our stories, breaking stigma, and celebrating what works.

So often the media narrative about mental health is focused on what is broken. We are here to tell a different story– about potential. Every day our staff and volunteers at Community Connection have the opportunity to connect with community members with a mental health diagnosis.  Together, we partner to help folks reach their potential as workers, artists, students, family members, and community contributors.

We know that by engaging others in building their potential we create more hope for the future. We see the daily power of connecting and sharing stories in our support groups and program activities. And, we want to share this power with you– our larger community of supporters.

As we launch into June we are proud to announce our new Community Connection blog. Our focus will be on rising above labels and how we can transform our community through the belief in the potential of others.

Our first blog is about Jodie Wells, one of our superheroes at Community Connection.  Jodie has weathered his fair share of challenges on his journey to wellness and frequently shares his story to give others confidence that they too, with support and dedication, can make it through.

“The most challenging part about mental illness is the surrounding stigma- the sense of isolation and shame. Trauma is trauma, and yet the societal implications of diagnosing and reaching out for help with a mental health disability versus a physical disability are quite different. Sharing our personal stories is difficult, but so important to break the stigma,” states Wells.

We invite you to check out the COMMUNITY CONNECTION BLOG

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