3 Reasons Not to Miss the 2016 Trivia Challenge

Karen and her family competing at the 2015 Trivia Challenge

Volunteer Center Executive Director Karen Delaney shares her top three reasons you don’t want to miss the 7th Annual Trivia Challenge happening at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium on Friday February 26th.

We do tons of great events at the Volunteer Center, and the one I most look forward to – as does my family – is the Trivia Challenge.  Let me share why we are in count-down to Trivia Challenge mode at my house.

1.   It’s fast-paced, quirky fun, Santa Cruz style.  The evening begins like many events: great music, yummy food, nice selection of local beers and wine, chatting with a happy crowd and bidding on great prizes.  Throw in robbed judges, KSBW’s Dale Julin as a younger, cooler Alex Trebeck, your own personal volunteer Vanna White keeping count of your correct answers and some serious bouts of competitive nerdiness and you begin to feel the charm.  There is no other event like this!  Spectators, Team Members and Volunteers all have a great time before the evening is done.

2.  It supports a great cause.  Every day, our volunteers go into the homes of local seniors to help them get to the doctor, make their homes safer or get them out and involved in their community.  John Z says “I’m grateful for Helping Hands supplying me with possible life-saving assistance.  I could not do it myself.”  He’s not alone.  Hundreds of local elders rely on our volunteers to keep them safe and living independently in their homes.  Once a year we get together at the Civic to eat, drink, answer silly questions and be merry while raising money to support their work.

3.  Friendly competition is fun!  We aren’t all cut-out to be athletes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t all enjoy a little friendly competition.  Get a group of friends or co-workers together and match wits with your neighbors.  My team this year includes my hubby, baby bro and Mom.  Are you ready to take us down in the service of a great cause?   Because we are ready to rumble!

If You Go:

Teams– General registration is $300 per team.
Spectator tickets-  $5 in advance or $10 at the door. Spectators are given pads and pencils so that they can play along while they cheer for the teams.

Teams that register by Feb 12th will be entered in a drawing to win $400 in gift certificates to Cafe Cruz

Get tickets, register a team or learn more about the Trivia Challenge


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