3 Reasons to Love Santa Cruz County BoardMatch

boardmatch_CFSCAre you looking for a new way to deepen your connection to our community? Santa Cruz County has hundreds of local non-profits that seek dedicated community members to serve on their boards.

Guest blogger Luis Chabolla of  Community Foundation Santa Cruz County has three great reasons why you should consider attending BoardMatch this fall to find the right fit.

Reason #1: Builds Your Résumé

Want to add volunteer community leadership, civic engagement and nonprofit governance skills to your résumé?

Santa Cruz County BoardMatch  a program of Community Foundation Santa Cruz County, can do that for you. And, more!

Not only is volunteer board service an excellent way to forge professional connections and grow your network for success, it also helps you give back to your community.

Being on a nonprofit board makes you an ambassador for a cause you care about and a local leader working for social good.

You’ll find BoardMatch can open the door to make it happen.

Reason #2: It Works

Is there a cause or issue you feel passionate about?

There’s probably a local nonprofit doing the work.

There are ways to find them, but how do you know it’s the right fit? And, what do you need to know before jumping in?

BoardMatch spares you the hassle, answers your questions and puts you in the driver’s seat.

In the past twelve years, we’ve helped over 150 people (like you!) get into first-time or new again board service through an inexpensive, simple and successful program.

Over two-evenings, you’ll get an overview of the nonprofit sector; learn the legal responsibilities every board member should know; practice being a board member interacting with colleagues in a real world decision-making situation; plus, try nonprofit speed dating.

Reason #3: It’s Fun

You’ve probably seen speed dating in movies and on TV. Or, heard the ads for Match[dot]com or other online services. Maybe you or a friend even tried it.

But, have you ever tried nonprofit speed dating?

We’ve taken the speed dating concept and created a fun way for you to quickly meet 3-4 nonprofit groups in a friendly, chaperoned (LoL!) and no-obligation setting.

Our speed dating lets you test the waters with eligible and ready nonprofits you select from a list we provide you.

During short meetups, you’ll get acquainted, schedule a second date (if it feels right) and get moving on the path towards making that big commitment.

Are you game?

The next BoardMatch program is November 2 and 16, 2016. Register online today  or call 831.662.2030 for more info.

2016_LuisChabolla150xLuis Chabolla is the Communications Director at Community Foundation Santa Cruz County. Follow him on Twitter @cfluis





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