Happy Halloween from Community Connection

It’s Halloween!

For the staff and program participants of our mental health wellness program Community Connection, this is a day rooted in joy that celebrates deeply held connections and the history of the program.

For more than 30 years staff have hosted an annual Halloween celebration as part of their long legacy of bringing people from the mental health community together to focus on their potential and their ability to take ownership over their health.

As staff we have great appreciation for the levity this day brings. Costumes have a way of freeing people, generating silliness, and a reason to smile.

Every day our participants work so hard to improve themselves. They are devoted to finding effective ways to manage their diagnosis. This requires perseverance and willingness to dig deep. It is brave and at times exhausting work.

The Halloween celebration gives folks the opportunity to step away from the work and simply focus on finding joy. Since the inception of this event, shared laughter has been the goal.

The Community Connection Halloween Celebration emerged in the late 70’s when volunteers and staff partnered with program participants to develop a community garden. In their first garden they grew an abundance of pumpkins, and due to this bounty, a pumpkin festival was born. The festival was complete with a play, haunted house, pumpkin patch tours, and sales.

The Pumpkin Festival served as a yearly event until Community Connection moved into a new space in the 90’s. Despite the lack of a pumpkin patch, the tradition of a Halloween Celebration continued.

For fun, during one Halloween, the entire staff dressed up as one of their own staff members, Marilyn Dreampeace – social worker, colorful hippie, and fun-loving free spirit. To accomplish this, a staff member snuck into her house to gather her clothes!

Because we are entrenched in the crucial work of mental health education, advocacy, and peer support, we know that one of the most important roles that Community Connection plays is to support individuals in finding meaningful connections.

Nothing is more satisfying than empowering individuals to find happiness in their lives and pride in what they can accomplish.

For us, The Community Connection Halloween Celebration is at the heart of what makes our program authentic and meaningful.

We look forward to sharing our latest party photos with you later today on Facebook and Instagram. Have you connected with us on social media yet?

You can find us on Facebook at @sccommunityconnection  @scvolunteercenter.org or on instagram at @volunteercentersc


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