Technical Difficulties with Human Race Website

Due to the high volume of generosity on the National Give Local America Day platform we are experiencing technical difficulties with online donations on the Human Race Website.  Please check back later to make your donation online or bring a cash or check donation into the Volunteer Center or to the Human Race on Saturday May 7th!  We appreciate your patience.

Remember, the Human Race is accepting online donations until midnight on Saturday May 7th, while cash and checks will be accepted through May 31st.

We know that all of our participating teams are putting their best foot forward to raise fund and awareness of their cause. We encourage everyone to  keep up the amazing work and we will get this resolved as quickly as possible. Our team is actively working with Give Local America on a quick resolution and we apologize for any inconvenience this is causing. We are dedicated to providing our nonprofits and donors with the best possible experience.

Here is what we are asking Human Race Teams to do right now:
Please don’t download reports and suspend driving traffic to the site until you hear from us. This also means please suspend any social media you have out right now.

Here is what we are doing right now:
Donations that come in before 5pm tomorrow for eligible organizations will be considered for the $2,000 “Give Local America” prize.

We are still accepting cash and check donations throughout the day and we will add them to your totals as soon as we have as we regain our access.

We will post updates as they are available. Thank you for your patience and generosity.

Are you eager to bring us your donations? Drop offline donations at the Volunteer Center (1740 17th Ave, Santa Cruz ) between 9AM-5PM.

Download the HumanRace Brochure and Pledge Form

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