Lives in Balance- Take Action to Help Seniors

Take action today to help seniors keep food on the table!

Most days, the tempest in Washington DC seems far away and we are free to focus on doing good right here, right now in the community we love. Here is what was in my inbox this week – also received by the Directors of Community Bridges Meals on Wheels, Senior Network Services, Grey Bears, Senior Legal Services and Family Service Agency – from our local Seniors Council:

“Last week our claim for May Older Americans Act funding was rejected because there is no allocation of Federal funds beyond April 28th…. therefore, your April payment may be the last you receive for a while, depending on what happens in Washington DC this week.”

Although our Helping Hands Home Repair program and RSVP Programs, like thousands of other programs funded by the Federal Government, received annual contracts for the year, Congress only appropriated 6 months worth of money, and all Federal Funding runs out for all programs midnight Friday, April 28th, unless Congress passes and the President signs either a Continuing Resolution or a Budget for the remainder of this Fiscal Year.

It’s not just Seniors Programs in limbo – Section 8 Housing payments, Veterans Benefits, Social Security checks – all of these services that local people need to survive are about to stop. Please let Congress and the President know that local essential services you value should not be held hostage to Washington politics.

Here’s How to Reach Your Representatives in Washington 

Because we believe our seniors deserve to be safe in their homes, we are going to continue serving seniors and hope for the best – even if payments are delayed. We want our volunteers and partners to know how our tax money is being managed, and to point out that this isn’t a great way to do business. We know that every federal dollar invested in our Seniors Programs generates $44 in service value, thanks to our volunteers and matching local donors.

Please help us continue these important programs. Reach out to our Congressional Representatives, learn more about our senior programs, or make a donation.


Blog Post Written by Volunteer Center Executive Director Karen Delaney.  Karen has led the Volunteer Center for more than 30 years and is an internationally recognized leader, trainer and speaker in the field of volunteerism, community building and nonprofit management. Karen’s formula for success is “hope, fun, curiosity, gratitude, belief in people and good data.”

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