Making Magic With The 2017 Human Race

The Volunteer Center and our partners are proud to kick off the 2017 Human Race fundraising campaign today with our newest tagline, “Give More, Make Magic, and Grant Wishes”.  Over 130 non-profits, schools, churches, and community groups are ready to dream big, make the impossible possible and break a new fundraising record.

Big goals after all, are what keep us striving for the future. Last year in partnership with Community Foundation Santa Cruz, David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and Monterey Peninsula Foundation, we set an ambitious three year goal of doubling our impact by 2018 and because we have such an incredibly generous community, we were able to blow our first year goal out of the water by raising over $370,000.

We are ready to make magic happen again but we can’t do it without you.

37 years of running this race, tells us that success is most likely when we proudly step up for the cause we care about AND we each take a part in spreading awareness about ALL of the amazing causes out there sustaining our community.

When asked why we have chosen to host this event for so many years, our answer is simple. For us, it is a “no brainer”.  As a fellow non-profit we know how hard each Human Race Team works everyday to change lives. We know each donation makes a difference and will allow our teams to do more to  lift up another, alleviate struggle, or make someone’s life happier. We live and breath the challenge of meeting the need each day right alongside our teams and we know TRUE MAGIC happens with collective effort.

All of us, together, bring more hope, potential, kindness, and sparkle to the community table.

Teams are now off and running as they step out to ask our community for support of the causes they champion.  You can help them leave a little more sparkle wherever they go by granting their funding wish or encouraging others to give a donation.

The six week fundraising campaign will culminate on Race Day, Saturday May 13th, 2017 when more than 2000 individuals will converge along West Cliff Drive for a day of celebration, exercise, and fun.

Race Day kicks off with registration at 8AM and includes a family friendly Walkathon and Fun Run along West Cliff Drive, food, live music, and festivities.

Not only can you expect the usual features of a people’s parade of lively costumes and banners, free food, and music along the course but we will also have a post race family friendly fair, and plenty of activities for all ages to go along with our 2017 Fairytale theme.

As we head into our fundraising campaign we want to say thanks in advance for the effort and heart our Human Race teams will put forth.

Can you help them dream big this year? Together we can make magic happen.

Learn More about the Race, Join a Team or Make a Donation

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