Does your organization have what it takes?

se_certified_stamp-2014-2016Does your organization have what it takes to be among the top performing non-profits in the nation?

5 local non-profits have proven they do and we are proud to award them this evening for their outstanding achievements at the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County from 4:30 PM -6PM.

Over the past year the Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz County has worked with fellow non-profits to provide Service Enterprise Training, a nationally recognized certification program that is a common thread amongst  the top 15% of all non-profits nationwide.

During the training organizations are given the tools and process necessary to be officially certified as a Service Enterprise.

18 organizations have taken the training thus far and the five  local non-profits have undergone a rigorous evaluation of their organization and  completed the process of implementation.

We are so pleased to award the Homeless Garden Project, Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services, Mercy Housing: Sycamore Street Commons, Walnut Avenue Women’s Center and Save Our Shores. This certification places them among the top functioning non-profits in the country

Certified organizations consistently out-perform their peers and do so at a lower cost. This training represents an exciting shift in approach for our community of non-profits.

The training provides participants with the key components needed for integrating volunteers into the core operations of an organization for greater community impact and is designed to take a more holistic approach to volunteer management.

“Every organization wants their volunteers to have a great experience. Additionally,  they want to understand how to use volunteers most efficiently in order to not only meet their mission but also their bottom line. The training does an excellent job of providing organizations with an evidence based assessment of their current approach and gives them  the tools to transform their practices where needed”, states Volunteer Center Volunteer Mobilization Coordinator Christina Thurston.

The Volunteer Center has partnered with the Points of Light Foundation, the world’s largest  organization devoted to volunteer service, to deliver the training.

In 2014 we were fortunate to be among a national cohort of Volunteer Centers chosen to offer this training to our local community and we have been able to continue our work this year with financial support from California Volunteers, our state partner organization. As such we are able to provide the training, at $5,000 value, free of charge.

We will offer our next Service Enterprise Training starting on May 1, 2015 and organizations are encouraged to apply as there is still space available for up to 10 non-profits. Organizations interested in learning more can contact the Volunteer Center at 831-427-5070 or email

View the Service Enterprise Info Page.

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