Remembering George Bush With a Pledge to Serve

It was my honor to serve with Neil Bush for years on the Board of the Points of Light Foundation, and a privilege to meet President Bush many times in the course of his support for volunteerism.  At this moment in our nation, it is critical to remember that people with different political beliefs can, and should work together for the common good.  It was often a joke – both at home and at national gatherings – that a Santa Cruz Progressive/hippie must be like a fish out of water with this crowd.  And yet that was never my experience.

Our shared belief that what makes America great is represented most truly in the way people work together to find creative solutions to our shared problems in local communities forged a bond of mutual respect and fondness that transcended political differences and allowed us to work together to make significant expansions in volunteerism here in the States, and through-out the world.

If we cherish the ideal of a free, diverse and engaged democracy, then we must cultivate ways for people to continue to work together for the common good across political, economic and class differences, as the Points of Light Foundation does through-out the world.  As our Volunteer Center does here in Santa Cruz County.  As I saw President and Mrs. Bush do for the past 25 years.

In an Op-Ed in USA Today, Neil Bush asked people to honor the memory and legacy of his father by pledging to serve others. We stand ready, as we do every day, to help those who want to share in the power and joy of service. You can find local opportunities to serve on our website.

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Blog Post Written by Volunteer Center Executive Director Karen Delaney.  Karen has led the Volunteer Center for more than 30 years and is an internationally recognized leader, trainer and speaker in the field of volunteerism, community building and nonprofit management. Karen’s formula for success is “hope, fun, curiosity, gratitude, belief in people and good data.”

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