"I truly never met another living person who faced the obstacles she did and who did it with so much resilence, grace and a sense of humor. I thought I have to find a way to emulate the lessons she taught me" -Christy LIcker

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Volunteer Profiles - Meet Christy

Christy Licker founded Caroline’s Non-Profit Thrift Shop in July of 2011 in memory of her daughter Caroline. Caroline, a child with special needs, passed away at 16 years of age due to complications following a surgery.

During Caroline’s life, she and Christy received services and support from many organizations. Opening up the all volunteer run thrift shop was a way for her to give back to the community. Over the years, Christy and her team have given over $200,000 in grants to local nonprofits working to improve the lives of children.

She has also volunteered her time and expertise to redecorate the family room at Jacob’s Heart, creating a beautiful, comfortable place for families to gather. Christy is an inspirational non-profit leader, devoted to supporting children in our community.

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