We Need You: Volunteer to Change Lives as a Literacy Program Tutor!

What if I told you that, by volunteering about three hours a week, you can completely transform a family’s future?  With just three hours a week, you can help a family increase their earnings, help their children do better in school, and change lives for this generation and those to come.  

Volunteer Tutors with the Volunteer Center Literacy Program make this possible!

You don’t need to have an educational background to become a Literacy Program Tutor. Our program provide all the training and materials you need, and then matches you with an adult who is eager to learn to read, write and speak English

You’ll help adults like Cecilia: “In our seven months together, my student Cecilia successfully studied emergency survival skills, obtained her Driver’s License only a month after we started lessons, navigated countless life challenges, and advanced her reading level by a full level,” shared Tutor Ute Balsley. “It has been a delight to include her preschool-aged daughter into our lessons through role play, word games or number games, and to share both Cecilia’s and her daughter’s accomplishments and milestones.”

We are proud to share that 110 hard-working neighbors like Cecilia are matched with a Volunteer Tutor, but we have 50 neighbors on our waiting list who need help from someone like YOU! Would you please join us as a tutor now, so we can add more learners in time for our fall Tutor Training? 

Many of our neighbors do not have the skills to complete basic tasks that you or I may take for granted.  Tasks like applying for a driver’s license, pursuing a promotion, or even helping a child with their homework.

For our neighbors who do not have the skills or language to complete these tasks, there are dire consequences.  Consider these sobering facts:

  • The literacy level of parents is the single most important predictor of school success of children, weighing more heavily than language, poverty or class;
  • The poverty rate for adults with low literacy is 43% – 4 times the US poverty rate;
  • It’s not just poverty.  Adults with low literacy experience higher rates of unemployment, homelessness, poor health and get injured on the job more frequently.  

You can make a profund difference in the lives of neighbors within our community. Neighbors like Roasrio:

“I have worked at Goodwill since 2008,” said Literacy Student Rosario. “After taking English lessons with the Literacy Program, I was promoted to a lead position. I was promoted because I could speak English. Continuing to learn more English, I was promoted again in 2021 to a Processor Supervisor Position. I am also learning how to use the computer. I have more responsibilities now. Learning English has made a big difference in my life.”

We need your help today – our waiting list of learners has grown to over 50 people. Learn more and sign up to become a Volunteer Center Literacy Tutor. We have an upcoming Orientation on Sept. 28th @ 6pm via ZOOM and an upcoming tutor training in October. Sign up here.

Learn more at www.scvolunteercenter.org/literacy, or give us a call at 831- 427-5077.

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