Why I’m Giving my Stimulus Check to my Community….

Dick Davis joined our staff on #GivingTuesdayNow for the video premiere of Keep the Lights on Santa Cruz County to share why he is proud to donate his stimulus check to his community. Learn more below and watch his interview with Executive Director Karen Delaney.

Hello, My name is Dick Davis and I am on the Board of the Volunteer Center. After thirty-some years as a local educator, I have come to appreciate the work that goes into making a community vibrant and alive with possibilities.

Being a teacher, I know that a community depends on service, on people who give of themselves to make the community better. I spent seven years teaching student teachers at UCSC and one thing I would always tell them was being a teacher asks you to be a better person than you would otherwise be. People are counting on you when you are a teacher, and you have to put your own needs aside at times to serve.

As I have come to see the non-profit community in Santa Cruz more closely while working with the Volunteer Center, I can see that the non-profit world, like teaching, asks people to be selfless and caring in ways that make this community a better place. They work tirelessly and selflessly to serve those who are in need.

Like many of you, my wife and I are expecting a check to be deposited into our bank account by the federal government soon. This is federal money coming to our town, through the citizens of the town, to support us. Some of us will need that money to pay rent and keep our families going while the economy is on pause. Others of us do not have immediate needs for that money. But that doesn’t mean the community can afford for us to hang onto it.

Let’s put that money to work. Please join me today and donate that federal money through the Human Race. I will give a chunk to the Volunteer Center to support their work filling the most immediate community needs in this crisis. Then on I will peruse the dozens of local non-profits and spread the remainder of my federal check around to some of the worthy groups listed there.

I’m excited to put the government money to work in and for, this community. Please join me in giving all or a portion of your federal money.
That is what it will take to keep the lights on.

Choose from 80+ Organizations to Support through the Human Race Online Giving Campaign

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