A Year of Miracles

A year of miracles is drawing to a close, and I want to thank every person who stepped up and contributed passion, skill, and kindness; who donated funds, services, and goods, to connect for good. 

You are the heart of our community! And, you made miracles possible.

Big Miracles, like walking into an empty warehouse on December 9th, watching it overflow with gifts for over 600 families, those gifts delivered to the hands of thousands of our neighbors by Christmas; Small miracles like a hard-working single mom studying with her Literacy Tutor who receives a promotion at work; or Joanie, who got to go home after hip surgery because Helping Hands volunteers installed grab bars in her mobile home.

We accomplish great things when we open our hearts to community.

As this year draws to a close, I invite you to appreciate the miracles and join us by contributing so we can continue to open new hearts to the miracle of service.

Karen Delaney, Executive Director, smiles brightly while holding the heart of the Volunteer Center logo.

In grateful service,

Karen Delaney
Executive Director