Our Birthday Wish

Help lay the foundation for our next 50 years of meaningful connections & service by donating to our 50th Anniversary Campaign.

Volunteer As a Tutor

Join us for an orientation to learn how you can  make a difference in the lives of adult English Language learners with the Literacy Program.

Become a volunteer tutor

Volunteers Needed

Our local chapter of the Red Cross is looking for volunteers to deploy as  Shelter Workers to help with Hurricane relief efforts.

Remembering Genie

The Volunteer Center family will join with friends, family and co-workers to celebrate Genie’s inspiring life of service on Sept. 23rd.

Latest News

Generating Awareness on Falls Prevention Day

I recently spent time in the home of a senior in Santa Cruz who reached out to Helping Hands for help with identifying hazard areas in and around her home that could cause her to fall. Mary explained to me that she had stopped visiting friends and going on walks because she was afraid of […]


Genie Dee- The Power of One Life For Good

“A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.” – Confucius, Chinese philosopher This is a perfect description of Genie Dee, our Literacy Program Director at the Volunteer Center.   Genie was driven, focused, committed, and lit up from the inside — unable to be deterred or distracted by the ravages of […]


In The Spotlight


Meet Ron and Jim

Ron and Jim are known as the “dynamic duo” by our staff. Ron and Jim have been neighbors, friends, workout partners and volunteers together for over 13 years.  As volunteers with  Helping Hands  they have installed over 500 grab bars and given well beyond 2,200 hours of service to low-income seniors who need home repairs and modifications in order to remain safe in their homes. Collectively, they have given over 30 years of volunteer service to our community.

Learn More About Ron and Jim


Meet the Schoellhamer Family

At a time when so much of the public narrative is about dissatisfaction, complaint and what is broken - we see hundreds of examples of people like the Schoellhamers quietly making things better. Learn how their desire to honor their family member Alicia's spirit of generosity has grown into 27 years of philanthropy.

Learn More About the Schoellhamer Family


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