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Join the Literacy Program for a free one-hour orientation to learn more about becoming a tutor to a motivated adult learner.

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Aug 20-Sept 7- Who inspires you? Share your Be the Difference Award nomination. Together we'll applaud them at the 12th Annual Gala.

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Want to make a difference, support new volunteers, and pay your student loans? Apply for our Americorps Program.

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Learn what happens when hopeful people work together to transform a community for good. Be a part of this legacy and take action with us.

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Rising Above Labels: Introducing Our Newest Blog

Last week we closed out Mental Health Awareness Month in partnership with our program Community Connection. Over the month we emphasized sharing our stories, breaking stigma, and celebrating what works. So often the media narrative about mental health is focused on what is broken. We are here to tell a different story– about potential. Every […]


Summer of Service

We all experience pivotal moments in our youth that shape who we are today. Moments where we were pushed to overcome our fears and doubts and accomplish things we never thought we could. At the Volunteer Center, we believe every young person deserves opportunities to explore their potential and discover what makes them exceptional! This […]


In The Spotlight

Meet Isabella and Anthony

At ages 9 and 10, Anthony and Isabella Cuturrufo had their very first volunteer experience at the Soup Kitchen. This formative experience set the wheels in motion for many years of volunteer adventures for this sibling duo who are now in high school at Pacific Collegiate School and prepping for their 3rd year of YS Summer Service Institute.

Learn More About Isabella and Anthony

Meet James

James is an incredible young man who has used volunteering as a means to maintain wellness, make new connections, build his resume, and give back for the support he has received as a participant of our Community Connection Prevention and Early Intervention Program.

Learn More About James

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