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September is National Literacy Month. We invite you to learn how you can meet the need and teach an adult to read.

Become a volunteer tutor

Be the Difference Awards

Join us as we celebrate our local champions of service at the Be the Difference Awards on October 28th.

Help Youth Succeed

Give your time to help our local youth feel included and access the tools they need to succeed this year.  Check out our Youth Success List.  

Loma Fire Response

Many community members have inquired about how they can help their neighbors who are battling the Loma Fire. Here a a few ways.

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Volunteer Support for Loma Fire

We have received a number of inquiries from community members about how they can help respond to the Loma Fire. We appreciate your willingness to step up for your neighbors. Emergency crews are working around the clock to contain the fire. We are in close contact with the Red Cross and other emergency response agencies […]


Fulfilling America’s Promise Through Literacy

America is a country built on amazing promises. You’ll find one of my favorites on every dollar bill: E Pluribus Unum (From Many, One – for those who need to brush up on Latin). Like 44% of all Americans, at least one of my Grandparents came here as an immigrant. According to a recent Gallup […]


In The Spotlight


Meet Ching

ChingChing serves as a volunteer tutor with the Literacy Program. Twice a week she works with a student at the Santa Cruz County Jail. When asked what motivates her she states, "I admire my student's courage to remake his life. My challenge is to find the path to his learning, unfettered by his history or circumstances."

Learn More About Ching

teen-kitchen-volunteersMeet the Volunteers of the Teen Kitchen Project

These incredible teen chefs have volunteered more than 2,600 hours to bring nutritious meals to individuals and families in crisis due to illness.  With the support of adult Delivery Angels they have delivered over 11,000 meals. In honor of their dedication they were chosen as the 2014 group winner of the  Be the Difference Awards.

Learn More About The Teen Kitchen Project


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