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Adopt-A-Family Project

As our days grow shorter, many of us shift our thoughts to the joy of the holiday season.  Thank-you for stepping up to adopt, donate or give a gift. You make the holiday brighter for  local  families struggling with poverty, disabilities, abandonment, or economic strain.

Each year we support 450 families from Santa Cruz County who have been screened and referred by the 25 partner organizations to ensure that your gift is reaching those most in need.

If you want to adopt a family, the hotline will open on November 2, 2018!

Adopt a Family In Need

Businesses, individuals, groups, and families are invited  to adopt a family of any size.  Adopters provide family packages which include food gift certificates, clothing for the family, a gift for each child, and household items like blankets, towels, or sheets. Adopters will deliver these items to our warehouse during the designated drop off days.


You can donate to the program to support unadopted families HERE.


Donate Funds or Gift Certificates

Don't have time to shop for a family? We welcome donations of cash and gift certificates. Gift certificates from any grocery store, shoe store, bookstore or department store let our families choose exactly what they need for the holidays. Certificates can be dropped off at the Santa Cruz or Watsonville Office.

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Where Do I Drop Off My Packages?

Thank-you for adopting a family this year. The warehouse will open to receive your family packages starting Thursday Dec. 14th.  Visit our Warehouse Info page for full details including open hours, directions, tips for delivery and our contact.

View the Warehouse Information Page

Warehouse Dates and Hours:

LAST DAY: Monday Dec 18th from 12PM -2PM


Volunteer With the Project

Volunteer opportunities abound  to support the project. We invite you to view our list and register online or call our office at 831-427-5070 to find out how you can volunteer.

Volunteer with Adopt-A-Family in 2018


volunteer with adopt a family

Give a Gift With the Stars Program

Do you only have time to get one gift? Simply pick up a star from our participating local businesses, purchase the gift, and return it to the business between November 5th and Dec 15th.

View Participating Businesses

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