Environmental Volunteering in Santa Cruz County

If you love to volunteer outdoors protecting and restoring our environment, then the Environteers Weekly Update will keep you informed and inspired. The website Environteers.org and their Update e-newsletter publicize the educational and volunteer activities of all of our County’s environmental groups. Our mission is to make it easy to keep informed and in action.

The free Environteers Weekly Updates and website are full of beautiful images from 30 local artists, fascinating articles, and compelling volunteer activities – including beach & river cleanups, native plant restoration, and serving as a docent at museums and parks. So gain access today to the wonderful range of learning and volunteer activities provided by our 100+ local environmental entities – our dedicated nonprofits, parks, museums, agencies, and academics! 

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We hope you will join us in getting the word out about all the ways to protect and restore our beautiful Santa Cruz County environment!

Andy Carman and the Environteers Team