Keep the Lights On for our Environment

Today, on this Earth Day, we are grateful for the community leaders and local organizations that cultivate the nature lover, budding scientist, and environmental advocate in each of us. Our community is happier and healthier because of the effort you put forward every day.

We are honored to highlight five organizations fundraising through the Human Race that are championing environmental causes. We invite you to help these folks keep the lights on for our environment by making a donation or fundraising.

Life Lab
Life Lab is a national leader in garden-based science, nutrition and environmental education. Founded at Green Acres Elementary School in Santa Cruz in 1979, Life Lab now serves more than 6,000 preschool and elementary students in Santa Cruz County directly. It positively impacts the lives of more than 500,000 students across the U.S. each year. Helping Life Lab keep the lights on through the Human Race means that more children will develop a love of learning, healthy food, and nature through garden-based education.


Regeneración-Pájaro Valley Climate Action
Their current goal is to provide opportunities for people to connect, share ideas, and create a Just Transition off fossil fuels together. Donations will allow Regeneración to reach farmworkers with a new bilingual brochure: “Heat Stress, Your Health and the Earth” and help ensure the wellbeing of people who risk their health to put food on our tables!


Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History
This organization has been advocating for the preservation and restoration of our natural world, predating Earth Day by more than fifty years. During this crisis, they are working to provide resources that connect you to nature, whether you can step outside or if you are viewing from home. Donating to this local institution will ensure that they are able to re-open and return to celebrating, protecting, and exploring the environment by your side.


Mountain Parks Foundation
Mountain Parks Foundation is another organization that embodies the spirit of Earth Day every day and needs your help to keep the lights on for our environment. This foundation supports two California State Parks in Santa Cruz County, Big Basin Redwoods in Boulder Creek and Henry Cowell Redwoods in Felton. Our mission is to inspire the next generation of stewards by connecting people to these iconic state parks and the natural wonders they contain.


The Habitat Institute
This organization is committed to furthering science and education in America. Their mission is to promote and facilitate the conservation of native species and habitats through the restoration of habitats and the development and dissemination of data-rich and verifiable information, maps, and tools.


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