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Where do I drop off my gifts?

Thanks so much for adopting a family. We look forward to seeing you when the donation center opens on Dec 12, 2019.

Below you will find a few helpful reminders and directions to the donation center.

QUESTIONS:  You can phone the Adopt a Family donation center during open hours at 831-212-0219

Donation Warehouse Dates and Hours:

• Wednesday, Dec. 11th  from 12PM -8PM

• Thursday, Dec. 12th  from 12PM -8PM

• Friday, Dec. 13th from  12PM -8PM

• Saturday, Dec. 14th from 12PM -8PM

• Sunday,  Dec. 15th from 12PM -8PM

A Few Helpful Reminders:

  • Please collate your wrapped gifts in boxes or bags, each clearly labeled with the Family's ID number. Additionally, each gift should be labeled with the family member's name and the family ID number.
  • Please include a $25 food card per family member. Please include a gift receipt for all gift cards.
  • To ensure gift certificates make it to the family safely, keep them in a separate envelope and hand them to the check-in staff upon arrival or make sure they are very securely fastened to your packages.
  • A donation receipt will be provided at the warehouse. Please be prepared to estimate the value of your donation.

2018 Adopt a Family Donation Warehouse Location: 

703 Front Street Santa Cruz, CA 95060

QUESTIONS:  You can phone the Adopt a Family Warehouse during open hours at 831-212-0219

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