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At the Volunteer Center, we believe the world changes for good when people come together and use data, resources and tools to take informed actions that solve problems.  We believe that it is time we all join together across every cause to solve the problem of American Gun Violence.  This is not a global problem – it is a uniquely American problem that is escalating on our watch. 

If you are feeling heartbroken, or angry, or hopeless these resources are for you.  Think about all the resources you have in your Civic Circle – your time, your talents, your networks, your money, your votes, your knowledge.  What actions can you take to help break this cycle today, and tomorrow and the next day?  When we come together in joint action that is sustained over time – we can change our society.  When we stew in silence, call each other names, or give up we let the cycle continue.  While the issue is not simple, the path to change is just that simple – continue to let this happen or try something else.

We must set aside the stories we tell ourselves and each other that trap us in this cycle and learn about what works to understand, prevent and respond to gun violence.

American Public Health Association data, fact sheet and video about the public health crisis caused by gun violence in America.

American Academy of Pediatrics  statement, data and resources on preventing gun deaths in children and youth in America.

Data about US Gun Deaths  published by Pew Research Center.

School Social Work Association of America Position Paper – A Public Health Approach to School Safety & Violence Prevention (downloadable PDF)

We know that gun violence is not born equally by all in our society, that children, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, indigenous people and women in domestic violence situations are disproportionately victimized by gun violence. Use these resources to join with others to end gun violence and hate violence.

Everytown for Gun Safety grassroots coalition of faith, neighborhood, family and public safety advocates.

Sandy Hook Promise resources for prevention, trauma and advocacy to help schools, parents and youth address gun violence.

Diversity Center is committed to safe space, programming and education for and about LGBTQ+ issues.

Resource Center for Nonviolence is a resource center for learning and action about nonviolence and anti-racism.

NAACP in Santa Cruz is committed to ensuring a society where all people have equal rights.  Read their statement about the Buffalo Massacre and anti-black violence.

Moms Demand Action California join with other Moms to end gun violence.

In a democracy power rests with people who take advocacy actions.  Hold your elected officials accountable, state your opinions directly, check the positions of the groups and parties you belong to, spend time communicating about this issue.  Use your Vote & Voice to create change, starting here.

Link to voter registration site  California Online Voter Registration

Link to  Congress Contact Us

Senate Contact Us

State By State Gun Safety & Policy Scorecard by the Giffords Center

American Gun/Ammunition Industry is worth $28 Billion a year and encompasses manufacturing, stocks and retail businesses, as well as affiliated financial service, advertising and lobbying entities.  Is your money as a consumer, investor or retiree on a pension directly or indirectly supporting the Gun Industry? Here are resources to use your Purchase Power to create change.

How to Divest from Guns  Fortune Magazine

California Treasurer’s Fact Sheet on Gun Divestment

You may also wish to Donate to support Victims and Survivors

Verified Victims Funds for Uvalde families  

Verified Funds for Buffalo Mass Shooting Victims & Families

Verified Funds for SoCal Taiwanese Church Victims & Families

How to help Uvalde families article by NPR

We must all be mindful about the level of trauma we may be experiencing, or how this continued cycle triggers trauma in the circles of people we live and work with.  There are opportunities for volunteering with these causes, as well as using the resources for Coping with Trauma.

Resources for Trauma, Mental Health & Survivors Enough is Enough, founded by Parkland survivors, is a youth run movement to end gun violence.

Family Services Suicide Prevention volunteer, donate or get help from local people.

Survivors Empowered survivors toolkit, voices of survivors & trauma resources.

State of CA Dept of Justice Victims’ Services Unit  created to better serve crime victims.

American Counseling Association downloadable fact sheet: Disaster & Trauma Responses of Children

American Counseling Association downloadable fact sheet: Disaster & Trauma Effects on Parents

Let’s be the change we need to keep our kids, families and communities safe from Gun and Hate violence.

By Karen Delaney — Executive Director, Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz County