14 Day Challenge to Help End Gun Violence


At the Volunteer Center, we believe the world changes for good when people come together and use data, resources and tools to take informed actions that solve problems.  We believe that it is time we all join together across every cause to solve the problem of American Gun Violence.  This is not a global problem – it is a uniquely American problem that is escalating on our watch. If you are feeling like you want to do something but not sure where to start, complete our 14 day challenge to help end gun violence.

  1. Watch this video from the American Public Health Association on gun violence and share it if you learned something.
  2. Write or Call your Senator and ask them to vote on HR8
  3. Read Amanda Gorman’s new poem Hymn For The Hurting 
  4. Read our Connect to Action Resources on Preventing Gun Violence blog and share to your social media or email to your friends
  5. Read the Gun Safety Report Card and learn how your state is doing with keeping people safe. 
  6. Register to vote or check your registration status
  7. Read the second amendment, have a conversation about balancing the “well regulated” and the “right to bear arms” with a friend or family member
  8. Join the Students Demand Action Twitter Team if you are a student. If you are not a student, share this idea with one!
  9. Ask your friends and family if their guns are stored safely as part of the End Family Fire Campaign. If you don’t know any gun owners, share information on social media about safely storing guns. 
  10. Disarm Hate: Learn and share solutions to taking guns away from people convicted of Hate Crimes 
  11. Reach out to a company you support that is donating to a Senator blocking the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act and the vote on HR8
  12. Join Moms Demand Action or share the page with a mom 
  13. Learn about your local schools’ prevention and response training when a threat of gun violence is immediate
  14. Writing Hope into our World  - at home letter writing 
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Did you complete the challenge?

Congratulations! Download and post your badge on social media with #standforguncontrolsc. Thank you for doing this challenge with us and connecting for good to help end gun violence.


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