Guest Commentary | Volunteers showing up with love for post-storm cleanup

Santa Cruz Sentinel – January 23, 2023 –

By Raymon Cancino, MariaElena De La Garza, Karen Delaney, Erica Padilla-Chavez and Susan True

With nearly three feet of rain in three weeks, national news picked up on the big impacts in our small county.

Folks from Nebraska to North Carolina saw images of our battered coastline and the wreckage of Seacliff State Beach and Capitola Village. But the public — and the president — didn’t get to see the communities whose homes and livelihoods were impacted by the storms and they didn’t see who showed up to help. They didn’t see who it was that filled and delivered 40,000 sandbags, helped evacuate and feed seniors, or got over 5,000 hot meals to people in need. And they aren’t going to see the expert disaster case managers guiding people to resources they may be able to benefit from.  Keep reading  »