Please – Donate Now to Keep Volunteers in the Field

When the first of three major storms rolled into Santa Cruz County on December 31, 2022, no one could have anticipated the destruction left in their wake. The combination of heavy rain, high tides, and extra large swell swallowed up many of our beaches, parks, and low-lying neighborhoods.

It took more than two weeks for the weather to subside enough that it was safe for volunteers to get in the field, and start helping our community dig out of the muck. 

Since January 16, The Volunteer Center has had trained crews in the field and supporting homeowners every single day. Our volunteers have cleared mud and debris from homes in Paradise Park, Felton Grove, and Watsonville. 

It’s a hard, dirty job.
And there is still so much work to be done  – and your help is needed to make sure impacted neighbors, parks, and beaches get cleaned up and ready for rebuilding.

Before and after volunteers cleared mud from a home in Paradise Park, Santa Cruz County, CA. The mud poured into the home when the San Lorenzo River flooded the low-lying neighborhood. Paradise Park was evacuated three times in a week during the atmospheric river events of January 2023.
But with your support, we’ll get it done. One house at a time. One beach at a time. One playground – at a time.
Please – donate today to support volunteer disaster clean-up and keep volunteers safe and equipped in the Field.

Your donations to the Volunteer Center Disaster Recovery Operations ensure volunteers are safe and equipped in the field as they begin to clean-up the aftermath of these catastrophic storms. Your gift now will buy shovels and masks, and fund staffing of experienced disaster clean-up personnel to lead our volunteer crews.

Donating online is quick, easy, and your gifts will go to work in our community right away.

Please – Donate Today!  

Your community needs your support. 

In Service,
Karen Delaney
Executive Director

PS: There are many volunteer opportunities available – visit to sign up.