Ready to Launch our 40th Human Race

We are so excited to launch our 40th year of the Human Race later this month at the Kickoff Breakfast on Feb 26th.

The Human Race is the perfect picture of the world we believe in– big-hearted, bold, and giving– Thanks to the people, organizations, and businesses it attracts.

Year after year, we are proud to carry it forward in partnership with our community and we believe this hopeful event is more important than ever.

In these divisive times where we are met by fractured values, service sector budget cuts, and the ever-increasing need to do more, it is so important to dig deep, come together, and find strength in the community we have cultivated through our shared work.  

When you sign on as a Human Race team, you become part of an incredible movement that inspires generosity in the people around us.

In your daily acts of community outreach, you are already transforming and lifting up our neighborhoods.  You are the change-makers of this community.

By coming together for the Human Race we are able to broaden our potential as a beacon for hope.  And, in doing so we make a beautiful community statement-We are a powerful force for good.

This year in a show of community strength, let’s make the Human Race more successful and more joyful than ever before, to stand in opposition to division or cynicism.

Let’s proudly shine our light and collectively raise the money this community needs for essential services.

We are geared up and ready to help your team get to that fundraising finish line through our six-week fundraising campaign. Are you ready to join us?


Registration is now open and you can jump right in to create your fundraising page for 2020 or you can get all of the details about registering at the kickoff breakfast on Weds Feb 26th @8;30 AM at Temple Beth El,  3055 Porter Gulch Rd, Aptos. 

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