Support the Volunteer Center With a Lookout Local Membership

Lookout LogoWe are incredibly excited to share that we have teamed up with Lookout Local.

Here at the Volunteer Center we have been so enthused by the fresh new brand of journalism they are bringing to Santa Cruz County. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their online content we encourage you to take a look.

In the short time they’ve been up and running, they’ve made powerful strides to keep our community informed and we LOVE the ways they have acted upon their commitment to community betterment thus far.

At the moment they are sharing all content free of charge but they will ultimately need wider support from readers to keep their news machine running in perpetuity. That’s where we all come in as supporters of community connection and action. Lookout Local is inviting you as part of the Volunteer Center family to become a member of their innovative local news movement with an annual or monthly subscription.

Their goal– to keep you in the daily know about key happenings in Santa Cruz County.

And the BEST PART, when you sign up for a membership, they will donate 10% of your membership dues to the Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz County –Win-Win all around.

Sign-up for a membership HERE and be sure to include the code VC10 to connect your account with the Volunteer Center. 

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