"I think what you give out you get back... it always does."

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Volunteer Profiles - Meet Jana

Jana Meares is an experienced landscape designer and educator who is passionate about building community gardens with children big and small.  As an intrepid advocate for youth green thumbs, Jana goes out of her way to secure donations and deliver  projects with a focus on sustainability and growing organic.

Her projects have included building worm bins and compost piles, starting organic vegetable gardens in Beach Flats & Watsonville, and installing green-friendly drip irrigation. Jana’s humor, warmth, and breadth of knowledge enable her to deliver a meaningful volunteer experience for all youth who cross her garden paths.

Do you have a green thumb? Check out our list of ways to support projects that highlight abundance in the garden, fresh good eats, making healthy food choices, and enjoying time outdoors.

Volunteer opportunities include distributing organic produce, garden tending, and cooking nutritious meals.

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