Wellness Connect Fills a Gap: Stability and Security for Young Adults

Access to mental health services is a core underlying issue for many people experiencing homelessness. The Volunteer Center offers several programs to help alleviate this issue, the most recent of which is Wellness Connect.

Funded by Santa Cruz County Behavioral Health, Wellness Connect provides prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery services for anyone over 18 experiencing emotional and/or mental health challenges. Our team of coaches, specialists, and clinicians provide young adults with a FREE, accessible and supportive team of allies to connect them with resiliency building services. 

Meet one of our program participants, “Harley:”

Harley’s history of trauma and psychosis led her to self-medicate with substances for years, disrupting her life goals. She had no family support, and was no longer eligible for services and support from other local organizations, who claimed she had “over-utilized supports.” After spending the last three years living on and off the street, HarleY had almost given up all hope. Then, she found Wellness Connect.

Wellness Connect “connected” Harley with weekly meetings, appropriate clothing, and hygiene products, and is supporting her efforts to stabilize and secure housing. As a result of her efforts and the support of this program, Harley is now approved to move into supportive housing in Santa Cruz! Harley shared that she feels “re-motivated and determined to find work” to further increase her autonomy.

You can help other young adults like Harley. Learn more about the how this crisis in our community, and how you can take immediate action at https://housingmatterssc.org/pathways-home-toolkit/

For valuable more valuable resource information read and share the Santa Cruz Free Guide. https://santacruzfreeguide.org/