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The Hazards of Fast Food

February ended with exploring the hazards of Fast Food. We had the chance to watch the documentary, “Food Inc.” where we learned about how the Fast Food industry gets their food and how they are subsidized in order to provide low prices. Ironically, French fries have brought in 110 billion dollars over the past year. […]

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Protein, protein, and more protein

We have been learning about protein. I am glad we have been learning about Protein because many of the quick and easy things I talked about last time lack protein. Not only are these things full of fat, but they don’t keep you full!! I learned that Protein helps the body to build muscle, strong […]

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Grocery Shopping is Stressful!

Over the past few weeks we have learned a lot, but I have found that the challenge is implementing my newfound knowledge into my life! Going to the Grocery Store can cause so much stress. It is especially hard when in independent housing. Shopping on your own and bringing it all back to where you […]

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Beat Back Diabetes!

Hi Everybody! Nessa here to talk you about diabetes and mental health. I am going to be talking to you twice a month about the wonderful things we are learning about nutrition, health, and chronic disease such as diabetes in program. We have Nutrition and Cooking Group at the Mariposa Wellness Center every Wednesday from […]

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