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We believe that each person that walks through our doors has a gift. Our job is to help individuals discover those gifts and reach their full potential. Community Connection empowers adults with psychiatric disabilities and their families with the tools and resources they desire to build stronger community bonds and improve their lives.

Community Connection is funded in part by Santa Cruz County Mental Health Services, State of California Department of Rehabilitation and the Kaiser Permanente Foundation.

Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month

Join us this month in celebrating the potential of every person to live a meaningful and connected life. Every year we work with more than 600 adults in Santa Cruz County who are navigating the mental health system. While we won't be able to host in-person events this year, we can still work together to raise awareness and funds. With your help we can sustain programs that empower adults with psychiatric disabilities and their families with the tools they desire to build stronger bonds and improve their lives.

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What We Do

We are dedicated to helping adults lead healthier and more productive lives by overcoming mental health and chemical dependency challenges. Through our resources and tools we enable people to provide a life for themselves and their families. We help adults build stronger bridges to our community through education, job, housing and lifestyle support.

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Who We Serve

Most of our program participants are referred to Community Connection by the Santa Cruz Mental Health Department. If you are interested in our services but are unsure of your eligibility then please contact us. We are happy to determine which programs you may qualify for, and connect you with a Program Coordinator who can answer your questions.

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Our Philosophy

We incorporate the Recovery Model into our services. The recovery model encompasses strengths-based and individualized program components, which help consumers identify potential sources of meaning in their lives as active members of the community. We emphasize person-centered program activities, versus illness-centered treatment.

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