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survey-collageWe want to be all about YOU!

I am curious by nature and always have been. My family jokes that Google is my best friend, and I must admit that Googs and I are on a first name basis. One of the many things I love about the Volunteer Center is that this spirit of inquiry is a core value of our team. Guess who we are obsessed with? YOU! We talk about you all the time.

What do you love about volunteering? What turns you off when you try to engage with your community? Do you like to volunteer with your coworkers or families? Are we finding the right causes for you? How could we make it easier for you to get started?

I have pleaded and cajoled with Googs to tell us more about you – our wonderful Santa Cruz County people who are thinking about volunteering. Sure, we comb national data and trends, but we know that here in Santa Cruz, we are a little different and that difference matters to us.

So we are asking you to take 10 minutes of your busy day and tell us a few things about you that will help us do a better job getting you the information and engagement opportunities that fit you best. These surveys are fast, easy and confidential. Just click on the link below to go to the survey that you think fits you best.

If you are between the ages of 18 and 34, please take our Millenial Engagement Survey.

If you have ever been to our website, please take our Online Engagement Survey.

We need at least 100 more people to take each survey, so please help us out. In return, we will put your ideas to work creating good in our community.

Can’t wait to get to know you better!

karen-delaneyBlog Post Written by Volunteer Center Executive Director Karen Delaney.  Karen has led the Volunteer Center for more than 30 years and is an internationally recognized leader, trainer and speaker in the field of volunteerism, community building and nonprofit management. Karen’s formula for success is “hope, fun, curiosity, gratitude, belief in people and good data.”

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