1. Enroll Now

• Enroll in our office, online or by phone.

• We report to Probation monthly about new enrollees.

• Annual Fee of $50 can be reduced or waived based on your income.

• Bring your paperwork from Court or Probation.

2. Set Your Schedule

Choose from 100+ volunteer options that meet your needs.

• Evening, weekend & drop in options
for volunteering.

• County-wide and family friendly
options too!

• We'll help you set up a schedule to get all of your hours complete before your deadline.

3. Keep in Touch

Turn in timesheets monthly so we make sure you are on track to finish on time.

• Sign up to receive monthly drop-in volunteer options or text reminders.

• Check in with your Case Manager for help as often as you would like.

4. Get Your Certificate

• We must verify all timesheets before we can issue your Certificate of Completion.

• We file your Certificate with Probation and the Court online.

• Fees must be paid or waived prior to a Certificate of Completion.

• We will give you a copy too!

5. Complete Your Service

• For tickets, you are done as soon as the Court receives our Certificate of Completion.

• For Criminal Court you must continue to check in with probation or appear in
Court. We will make sure they see your Certificate of Completion.