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From Jail to Hope

This video provides a look at the trauma caused by addiction and incarceration, and the struggles three individuals faced in rebuilding their lives and reunifying their families.

Volunteers Change Lives

Meet the volunteer case managers who work with in-custody and post-release clients to help them make the positive changes needed for re-entry success into the community.

Greatest Achievements

Two clients share about the turn of events that led to their success after years of substance abuse and involvement within the criminal justice system.

It Gets Easier

Doing time is hard. Restarting your life after doing time can be harder. Hear about the struggles of life after incarceration and how some individuals work with community based organizations to access resources to help them succeed.

Creative Approaches

Friends Outside looks towards community based initiatives to help ex-offenders re-enter the community and stay out of the criminal justice system. Working with individuals and families, we help to make communities safer and reduce recidivism.